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H5_Hotel Phone User Manual_V1.1

H5 is newest series of phonesdesigned for hotels. Its stylish, contemporary appearance, excellent voice quality and powerful functionality, along with matching integrated communications platforms can replace traditional phones and can become a new generation of intelligent terminal equipment.The H-Series hotel IP phone will look great in most hotel rooms andwill support most application requirements.In addition, it has excellent call quality.

The H5 accomplished powerful telephony features by combining the communications platform and features such as call transfer, hotline,voice mail, call hold and more. The H5 IP phones support 6 programmable keys.They can be defined according to the hotel's needs.For example, they could be programmed with an equipment service hotline (housekeeping, ticketing, switchboard, food and beverage, etc.) or hotel special features (alarm clock, voice mail, etc.).In addition, it has a USB port to charge your mobile phone.

The H5 has a 3.5’ color display screen, which could provide a great customized experience for the hoteluser.

In order to help some users who are interested to read every detail of the product, this user manual is provided as a user’s reference guide. Still, the document might not be up to date with the newly release software, so please kindly download updated the latest user manual from website, or contact with support if you have any question using H5.