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User Manual X4U /X5U /X5U-R /X6U
4.1 Overview
XU Series Enterprise-class color phone with corresponding display line keys, which greatly improve enterprise production efficiency with advanced design, high cost performance, paperless office tool. It is not only a desktop phone, but also an elegant article that puts in the sitting room or office.

The Device Fanvil enterprise IP phones, which are the latest generation of IP phone developed on the basis of the X series, inheriting many excellent features of the previous X series traditional phone, such as high-definition voice, Headsets and high-performance echo cancellation full duplex speaker, fast / gigabit Ethernet, QoS, encryption transmission, automatic configuration, new system, smooth operation, flat interface settings and many other advantages.

For enterprise users, The Device are the cost-effective office equipment, while realizing environmental protection, they also provide convenient operation. Users can flexibly configure and define the functions of two DSS keys, space saving and cost. It will be an ideal choice for enterprise users and family users who pursue the high quality and high efficiency.

In order to help some interested users better understand the details of the product, this user manual can be used as a reference guide for the use of The Device. This document may not be applicable to the latest version of the software. If you have any questions, you can use the help prompt interface of the device phone, or download and update your user manual from the official