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X2C / X2CP User Manual_V1.0

The new X2C IP Phone is a beginner desktop phone which increases enterprise users’ productivity at a cost-effective price.

The new LED button status display design, intuitive to see the current state of the phone. X2C is the most economic choice for SMB office and enterprise supervisors.

X2C inherits all features from enterprise phones, such as HD voice in handset, headset, PoE, Fast/Gigabit Ethernet, QoS, secure transmission, auto-provisioning, and more.

X2C is a efficient office productivity appliance for call center. Meanwhile, with its convenient design of the foot plate, it can support both feet to answer or hang up the phone, it will provide higher efficiency for call center users.”

In order to help some users who are interested to read every detail of the product, this user manual is provided as a user’s reference guide. Still, the document might not be up to date with the newly release software, so please kindly download updated the latest user manual from website, or contact with support if you have any question using X2C.